Seeking Neo/Future Soul and Jazz Chords

Thought that I’d maker a separate thread here. I found one that requested for neo soul and jazz chords, but it had a whole bunch of responses not directly addressing the topic at hand, and it was a bit much to scroll through.

But yes, the title speaks for itself. I’m very influenced by the jazz labels like Blue Note, Impulse and ECM, and modern ones such as Schema, Ricky Tick and Brownswood. I’m also a soul boy at heart, growing up with soul, funk and jazz fusion during the 1970s and 1980s. So all in all, I’m looking for chords that fit into those veins.

Thanks much; looking forward to your suggestions.

Here is a good tutorial on the subject:

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I love those styles also, and I used Scaler for them being totally unaware of standard chords needed

So I can say that nothing stops you composing a funk, soul, etc. tune using a totally unmatched progression, as I usually do for any of my mini-tutorials called “Scaler is good at”

For example, this one or this one

Here is another one:

And one more:

Hey, thanks so much for the replies and resources! I’ve had a pretty busy few days with DJ gigs and cueing music during dance performances for one of those gigs, so it’ll take me a few days to start dissecting the goods.

I think there may be some Neo-soul presets in Scaler, but I know that didn’t existed in earlier versions. But whether I do dance tunes or slow tempo grooves, having a soulful presence with the chords and progressions is a good thing to have in my musical arsenal, so I do appreciate the resources that I will check out.

Looking forward to the exploration.