Semitone/Octave Lock and Looping for Auditioning Songs/Artists Chordsets

Is there a way to lock the octave or semitone setting when switching through chordsets? I’d rather not have to change the octave every time I want to audition another set when I know the octave that I want to continue using.
Also, would like to loop this row similar to pattern loop button.
Edit: In 2.0.9 the pianos I’m using (Soft and Felt) continue to ring out after the chordset row completes a cycle. Sound only stops if I switch to another instrument within Scaler or switch it to Off.

We can’t force everything into the same octave with so many thousand of chords in scaler but you can enable voice grouping although that would lose the character of some the stylised chords. Not sure are you getting a midi jam? Does hitting the MIDI icon (panic) resolve it?

Thanks for reply Davide. Fortunately, it isn’t happening now. Will report back if it happens again, hopefully with solution.
I don’t see option for Enable Voice Grouping yet, but I will try it after I locate it.

It’s on the upper right pull down menu.
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.00.06 PM

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thanks much jamie, I appreciate it