Semitone pitch shifting

Hi all, inspired by this podcast where Nile Rodgers tells the story of how he developed the arrangement of Let’s Dance from David Bowie’s original idea - shifting it from E min to Bb min - I’ve wondered: why doesn’t Scaler make me try the same, across all sections A, B and C?

Of course all DAWs would let me do the shifting down the chain of effects, but if one uses Scaler for composing, they may as well know the name of what they’re listening to! :grinning:



Nile is an amazing man and wonderful musician.
Not sure what you are asking but scaler does indeed allow for many various methods of transposition and modulation. Want to shift it all up, just go to modulation and pick a key. Or select all in edit mode and transpose to your hearts content. Or force into scale in section A. Many ways.

Mmmmh there may be something I’m missing then. See this workflow.

Imagine I’m David Bowie. In Scaler section A I choose Scales > E > E min. Then, in section B, I pick a few chords from the 2nd octave and a few from the 3rd octave by dragging them to section C… I do a lot of work, I am ready, I have my own demo for Let’s Dance…

… and then I go to Nile’s room and he tells me: - Why don’t you transpose it to Bb?

What do I do?

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Oh yes, the modulation button, I almost never saw it, the circle of fifths and stuff :slight_smile:

I guess Scaler is the kind of plugin that needs an extensive video walkthrough to understand the possibilities.


Video Tutorial on modulation >

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