Send Midi CC Passed to other Virtual Instruments

The ability to control other instruments with Scaler makes it the most powerful tool in my arsenal. Unfortunately, due to it not passing those Control Changes, I can not be expressive with my playing. For example, using pitch bend, modulation, volume, and preset changes is currently not possible when using Scaler 2 with other instruments.

It would be awesome if you could get scaler to pass not only Midi notes but Midi control changes as well so we could incorporate it into live playing.

It works just fine to pass CC info and anything else as long as you are using the VST version. It doesn’t using AU if you are Mac based.

I vaguely remember there being a known issue with the VST3 standard/implementation that was related to the CC pass-through. Can’t find the actual thread, but here’s a related one confirming that the VST3 version has issues (not sure if this is still the case since that thread is from 2019)

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VST3 is still a problem. Does not past CC info. Only VST seems to work.

And that is the solution. Use VST2 not VST3 and it works just fine.

An alternate approach is through midi routing. I didn’t have the VST2 version installed and I tend to lean to this approach anyhow as I typically route and transform my midi data so I can control varying parameters on multiple instruments from each control simultaneously.

In this case I set up a 2 channels receiving midi from the Seaboard Rise, filtered out the note data on one routing only the CC data from the Seaboard to Ensemble… while Scaler2 is set up to receive and provide only the note data.