Session "Clear State" crashes Logic Pro X

Every time I click the “Clear” button under Settings >> Session >> Clear State it instantly crashes Logic Pro X. I am using Scaler 2.0.9 AU in demo mode running in Logic 10.5.1 on Catalina 10.15.5.

Have you tried updating to Scaler 2.1?

Welcome @carl
Doesn’t crash for me. As pointed out by Jamieh, do try latest update in your plugin Boutique account

Thanks for the responses. I deleted the track (removing Scaler) and re-added it with a new track in Logic Pro X. That seems to have cleared up the issue for now. I have not seen any additional crashes. I will also update Scaler this evening to the latest version per your suggestion.

I have had an occasional crash when syncing or clearing. It has only happened once each and then not again. Hasn’t happened with 2.1