"Set all Velocities to 127" command

This would be excellent to use after a midi file is imported. Highlight all the chords, then set all the notes to 127 velocity with a button or command. Then I can play them back with full expression with my midi controller.
Thanks Scaler Team ! ! !

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I would not want all velocities set to 127. No Dynamics, it’s just loud. No thank you.

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Ah, don’t misunderstand. This would be for performance and live experimentation:

When the velocities in the pads are all set to 127- you can then use a midi controller, played at any velocity, to trigger them anywhere from 1-127. When there are pad velocities that are set to less than 127 (for example, 70) you can only then perform that chord with a midi controller from 1 to 70.


That’s not how MIDI works at all.

Easy there, buddy. I do it all the time with Scaler. When all the pads are set to 127, and I bind to keys, I can then play back the chords form 0-127 with my midi controller. Maybe read what I wrote, again )

I assume you mean that this should be a user selectable option for any imported midi, rather than a default ? In which case both you and @jamieh can be happy.

Velocity values can be used to select patches, determine sample crossfades, set volume, pitch and filter envelopes programmed into a synth patch, which you wouldn’t want to program again (even if it were possible on the controller on the fly) if the input files had had all that set up carefully. {Scaler preserves per note velocity values on imported data.]

Where the controller supports it (as mine does) keyboard “aftertouch” can be used to (for example) apply resonant filters with a potentially complex interplay with velocity.

I’m not very sure of your workflow is or what the kit is, and whether you use a DAW as part of it, but it’s presumably a non issue if it’s an option? Also, for example, in Ableton Live I think the ‘velocity’ midi effect can map incoming notes velocity to 127.

I’m not sure what you mean then. I can play Scaler with my controller and if I play 127 Scaler response with 127 and everything from 0 on up. So is Scaler limiting your velocity in some way that you can’t play the full range? Is that what you mean?

Exactly ) when I import a midi file with different velocities and bind those chords, the ones that are less than 127 are limited in the velocity my controller can play them when binded.
When I edit them all to 126 (which is tedious currently) I can then bind & play them with a full velocity range )

Yes! a button to quickly highlight any group of chords & set to 127 would be terrific )

I believe this has been discussed and there was mention of something will be brought in to do that in a future update.

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If I need this kind of functionality (rare) I set the MIDI Controller to send all notes at a fixed velocity. Most controllers allow this function.

In my DAW I use a Transform to automatically make any MIDI note’s velocity played/recorded at less than 127 be automatically increased to 127 in real time.

I would not object to Scaler offering a fixed velocity option, but I don’t think I’d use it much. Others might find it useful.

Hi guys! This isn’t really what I mean. I’m talking about imported midi, then controlled midi after the fact, as it applies to live performance and expression of velocity.

After a midi file is imported, I want a quick way to change all of the velocities of the imported chords to 127 in the chord fields of scaler.

Here is the part that’s not being understood: the reason I want this, is that right now, if an imported midi file contains a field in a pattern that has a chord with a midi velocity that is less than 127, then when I bind the chords to keys, and then play the key of that chord, I cannot play the chord with full expression of velocity: in other words, I might be able to play the chord from 1-88, etc, but I won’t be able to play the chord from 1-127 as I please, in real time: it will max out at a lower velocity than 127 if the chord field in scaler is a lower velocity than 127. What I’d like is to be able to select all the imported chords of a midi file, then set the velocities (in scaler!) of each of those chord fields to 127. Not because I want to play them all at 127…quite the opposite: because I want to trigger them with my midi controller at any velocity I please, from 1-127.

Thanks, folks )

I could see a couple ways to handle this. One would be the nuke method and have it normalize all notes to 127. That would sound awful I think. The other way would be to scale to 127 meaning the highest velocity would top out at 127 and all other notes would keep their relative velocity to that. It could be included in preferences and affect only detected MIDI.

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Yes I think thats what the OP wants, in the iPad release we have a global velocity setting which adjusts the velocity of the clickable chords on the UI, what the OP wants here is that the highest detected note is adjusted to 127 whilst retaining relativity to that. Kind of like you would select all velocities and turn them up (relative) to full!

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