Set Duration higher then 4x - maybe 8x or 16x

Hi, I am loving Scaler a ton! After using Captain Plugins, Instachord/Instacomposer, i find myself reaching for Scaler more and more. I really love the performances that are bundled in and they are adding a great touch to the songs. However, the only way to get the full duration of some of the performances is to hold a note for a while. The duration multiplier really should allow a full performance to complete. I’m using Avant Garde 6 for instance, and I’m only able to set a chord to 4x to complete a performance. It would be great to allow Playback Timings duration, to be capable of playing back the full performance. Hoping for like an 8x (maybe more if there are longer performances?

Any reason why you can’t trigger the notes from the keyboard for as long as you need? Also the 4x duration is dependent on the Global beat setting under preferences. That’s the gear on the upper right. If you set it for 16 see if that works for you.

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Hi @serge

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The length of time that a chord will play for is a combination of the Playback Timings and the number of beats, which is set in the SETTINGS.

For longer performances such as Avant Garde 6 this needs to be 32 beats. To achieve this you ned to open SETTINGS by clicking on the gear wheel

and set the number of beats to 8

Now every block will play for 8 beats. Then, open the EDIT page

set the playback timings to x4.


Great, that does it! Thank you!

You are welcome. You may be interested in this tutorial on Chord Durations, and @TMacD’s YouTube channel where he continues with parts II and III of his videos.