Settings: Default MIDI play velocity value

Currently, Scaler outputs notes with a default velocity of 89. I have searched for a way to change the global default MIDI velocity but I haven’t found one yet.

I use Scaler mainly with an external hardware synth (a Korg Kronos). Some of its instruments (like the SGX-2 based pianos have 12 velocity layers, others have 8 velocity layers. Notes played at velocity of 89 pushes the timbre into very ‘harsh’ territory and detracts from auditioning sequences.

I realise that one can edit the individual velocities of a chord but this is very time consuming and not conducive to productivity.

It seems to me that it would be a simple matter to add a default MIDI velocity setting to Scaler. This would allow people to choose a velocity which wouldn’t put the timbre into its harsh extremes.

Is there a plugin .plist file on MacOS which contains the default MIDI velocity?


Hi @planigale

I think it would make sense to add the default velocity as a user preference. We will discuss internally.

Thanks for the feedback,


Thank you very much and congratulations on making a very useful VST.

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Just been looking for the ability to set default velocity in playback mode. Searched forum and found this feature request. Has this feature been added yet or is it in the roadmap.


Not yet.

As a workaround I set a different velocity curve on the Kronos when I am playing into Scaler.

I also have a huge difference of Velocity when playing chords from the Scales part. Which makes me use the loudspeakers volume constantly to compensate. Even when I drag and drop a chord from Scales to Pattern I have to correct each chord…
My workaround for now in Logic is to use the Velocity Processor in the MIDI effects as I could not find how to setup the general velocity of Scaler 2 ???

There is no way at the moment. It’s coming in an update.

There are many filters/processors for MIDI data built into most DAW. These usually have a way to set a min and max velocity output. MIDI Polysher is a free plugin that does this as well as many other MIDI things. MIDI Polysher

I am using Scaler 2.4.0 VST3 and having problems with the velocity behaviour when triggering chords by single keys with a MIDI keyboard.

The MIDI velocity of “normal” keys are forwarded as played. This is correct.
But the velocity of single key triggered chords seems just be scaled with the MIDI input velocity.
So, playing a velocity of 127 is translated to chord notes with the default velocity of 89 (or the edited chord velocity).

My wish:
To play single key triggered chords along with non-chord notes, it would be helpful to generate chord notes with the played single key velocity (e.g. 127 → 127).
If chord notes have different (edited) velocity values, the loudest note should get the played single key velocity and velocity relations between chord notes should be preserved.