Settings Tab Keeps Opening Up On It's Own

I’m not sure why everytime I click a user bank that I’ve created scalers setting panel keeps opening up? So every time I switch to a new patch I always have to close settings over and over again? What’s the fix for that?

Hey W…thats new.

I want to clarify a couple things. When you say “patch” I’m assuming you mean a user defined Chord set or Session that you access from the USER button? I mention this because Scaler does not really use the term “patch” so I want to be sure we are on the same page.

If that is the case and you are loading a custom chord set or session, the only way I was able to recreate your scenario was by Exporting State (from the rt click menu below the Scaler logo while the Settings window was open. Then when I Imported that state file, it opens the settings window.

Not sure that helps, but maybe.

Yes the chord sets. I exported the session by going in setting then exported. Then I opened a brand new scaler to act if I was the person that imported the session into my scaler then when I refresh the lists of user sessions the settings panel would open up as well for no reason. It’s like the session is exporting my every move. If that makes sense if not I’ll probably just make a video if I can send it to you

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A video would be worth a thousand words here.

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Yep, what Jamie said. :slight_smile: