Setup - Cubase 9 - External Instrument Control

To control external instruments within Cubase you must use Scaler as a VST plugin and route Scaler’s MIDI output onto the track of the instrument you wish to control.


  1. Load Scaler VST onto an instrument track and the instrument you wish to control on a second track.

  1. Change the MIDI input of the track you wish to control to Scaler - MIDI Output

  1. Arm Scaler track so it receives MIDI from your controller and turn on the monitoring on the controlled track.

  1. Scaler MIDI output is now routed to your instrument.

PDF version: Scaler - External Instrument Control Setup - Cubase 9


I’m trying this… BUT, within scaler, it ONLY plays scaler instruments. WHY?

Did you turn off the sound inside Scaler?

When I do, I can’t seem to get any sound.