Setup - ProTools - External Instrument Control

To control external instruments within ProTools load Scaler on a track and use its MIDI output as the MIDI input of the instrument you wish to control.


  1. Load Scaler onto an instrument track and the instrument you wish to control on a second track. To show the MIDI input configuration, right-click on the “Inserts” label and select “Instrument”.

  1. In the “Instrument” input of the track you wish to control, click the “All” value and select “Scaler Out - all channels”.

  2. Arm both tracks by holding shift and clicking the “Record” icon and mute Scaler’s track. Both tracks will now receive MIDI but only the controlled instrument will output sound.

  1. Scaler MIDI output is now routed to your instrument.

PDF version: Scaler - External Instrument Control Setup - ProTools