Sharing a little Scaler insight


Just discovered a nuanced Scaler UI trick that might be of interest to others…

I often pick individual chords from a scale in Section B, by shift drag marking them individually, and then draging the marked ones into the DAW…


But did you know, that the order of shift marking the individual chords is noticed and remembered by Scaler? If you look at above screenshot, it looks like I marked Cmin, Eb maj, Gmin, Ab maj, and Bbmaj in sequence. But I didnt. I marked (shift selected) Ab maj last, and you can see that in the purple MIDI clip that resulted from the Scaler->Bitwig Scene 1 drag&drop operation.

Why is this useful? It saves a workflow step. I used to drag individual chords from Section B scales into Section C and then sequentially marked and drag/drop them into the DAW clip. The above finding saves the section C step :wink:



Great tip! I haven’t stumbled across that one. Thanks!

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A real time-saver! Cheers