Show chord notes with mouse over

I want the mouse to show the notes of this chord.

For example, on any chord, place the mouse on the chord mat, and the cursor will display the notes of this chord. It must now be displayed on it after clicking, the font size is small, and it will only be displayed on the main page.

I want the notes on the edit chord page to be canceled after successive double-clicks on the keys. You can also right-click to cancel and left-click on. Because sometimes I want to click with the left mouse button, but the notes disappear. I don’t want to disappear, I just want to hear the sound effects.

Why? It works well the way it is. This is much more complex for what reason?


I just want to quickly see the notes of each chord.It’s not very convenient now.

I have to agree with @jamieh on thus one. When you hover over a block the chord is shown on the keyboard. As the keyboard already has thenot names on each key you can easil see what the notes are.


Is it okay to change the color to red. I can’t see light blue. I’m a bit color blind.

I haven’t found a way to do this in scaler: it raises the issue of “skinning” Scaler to allow users to set their own colours. I would whole-heartedly support a feature request to enable skinning so that users with impaired vision could more easily use Scaler. This should include the ability to both set colours and GUI sizes.

Maybe the DEV team can offer some thoughts on this issue.

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thank you. I patiently await perfection.
In fact, I most expect SCALER to add the rhythm function of CAPTAIN CHORD. Let’s make convenient choices based on music categories.

My thoughts are given someone on our own team struggles to see colours well then it is something we should address! Stay tuned.

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Thank you SCALER team.

When I was in school, I first knew that I had color blindness and did not affect my life, but it was true that some colors were insensitive.
Many men seem to have color blindness or color weakness. :joy:


Hello, boss

Is it convenient to add a right mouse button to the audition function?

I sometimes want to click on the inside note of a chord, and it disappears, and I have to click on the top note again.

But I often, just for a melody, try to click a chord inside.

In other words, I don’t want the chord to simply disappear.

Of course, I know I could drag a chord again, but it would be a waste of time.

Left mouse button can audition, cancel, click to add new notes.

Right mouse can only listen.

Left mouse button can audition, cancel, click to add new notes.

Right mouse can only listen.

Do you agree with this proposal?
Or do you have a better idea?

I’m asking you because I’m worried that I’ve slipped up and left out some features. :grinning: