Show chord notes

The chord notes are now also displayed, but the chords must be struck.
Whether it is possible to display the chord sound of the chord without hitting the chord.
This may not be a problem for professionals.
But for newbies, it is very important.
Can’t it be displayed by hitting chords? Yes, but clicking chords with the mouse is inconvenient to enter the piano roll again.
The most important thing is that this function should not be difficult to achieve.
would like to add this feature

You can ease your life a lot if you use a even small controller instead the mouse. Problem solved.

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It’s hard to believe you have this much trouble navigating on the computer. Just bind the pads and push the appropriate key. Simplest thing in the world.

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haha yes i don’t like to use any controller

Wish the chords were bigger and clearer.

Consider to buy one. Don´t know where you are from but a very cheap one is doing the job. Spend $20, it´s a good investement. Using a tool like scaler only by mouse is possible but makes no sense.

I have a MIDI keyboard, but my desk is too small to be convenient.
I still wish SCALER could make the notes bigger and clearer