Show Voicing on Chord Button

I just found out that the chord buttons store the exact note/key configuration. So even when the button says plan [A min], it actually contains the precise voicing and keys pressed when detected (or as it came from one of the suggestion menus). That’s awesome, I like it!

Now it would be super useful if there would be an indication on the chord button what voicing it represents. For example, I played around with different voicings in the scale menu, and then dragged over the different variations of voicing [A min].

But now I can’t tell which is which (until I click on it). I suppose hovering shows the actual piano keys involve, perhaps that’s good enough.


I agree. It will be very nice feature.

Nice to know! I hadn’t noticed that. Cool. Would be nice to see the inversion notated.

Cubase had indicators for the inversions of chords on its Chord Pads, some indicators like that would be a welcome addition to Scaler, I’d also love a music notation popup, a side window similar to the Settings window, but it would be notation, Treble Bass Clef and we could edit chord tones, MIDI CCs and perhaps some simple expressions right on that (dream world). :slight_smile:

Obviously in 2.1 you can now have show inversions on as default which will at least show you the bass note (and hence inversion).

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