Showing alternative chords?

Sorry guys I’ve completely lost my mind! haven’t used Scaler for ages due to work commitments and now I’m a bit lost.
I’ve got a chord progression, input the chords into Scaler by detecting them from a piano in my DAW. Scaler’s telling me it’s G Dorian, so far so good.
So now I have the 5 chords of the progression in A panel, the chord progression for G Dorian in B and my chord progression again in C.
I’m sure I used to click one of the chords in C and B would show all the alternate chords I could use in it’s place?

I can’t get it to do this at all now.

Help me, or shoot me please. I’m getting stupider by the week.

R-Click on your chord in C and hit Edit and there is “chord suggestion” you are looking for. Now you also get a lot of other options. But, Ya, seems a bit more of a challenge.

You should update to 2.1 if you haven’t. The editing choices are more refined there.