Simple Feature Request - Interval Display Toggle (instead of Note Names)


First off Scaler (nearly) replaces all the other tools I use for production for writing music and it is great just how it is. Thank you so much for adding a guitar display as I use both guitar and keyboards for writing so that was perfect :star:.

Anyways, one concept I use frequently when writing melodies are the intervals of the scale for the key I am playing in. I would love to be able to toggle the Note Names in the top display to instead display 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th so that I can more easily find the main arpeggio notes for the chord the tool is currently displaying. This would help me greatly in melody writing and simply using the tool in general. In my imagination I even see them color coded, red = 1st, green = 3rd, blue = 5th, yellow = 7th so I am able to quickly reference them at the moment I see them on the display.


Hi @xevoius

thanks for the suggestion. Showing the degrees of each note is something that will resonate with the guitarists in the team and wouldn’t be hard to add but really useful.

About the color coding, I don’t know which form it will take in term of design yet, but we are looking at better ways to show chords and playing positions on the fretboard. This could be added as part of this in a future patch too.

Happy to hear that Scaler is doing its job, the fretboard is one of my favorite feature too :slight_smile:

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The degrees of the notes are really for melody writing, being able to view the target tones in the scale for the chord over which I am playing. Say I want a phrase that does not resolve as it is the opener of the melodic line, then I might only focus on the 3rd or 5th as target tones or say I want a phrase to have more of a 9th sound then I would want to use the 2nd as a target tone to begin/end the melodic line.

Just making sure the feature request was clear and more music driven that say for a specific instrument.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

@xevoius would the current ‘scale lock’ set to ‘white keys only’ not help you do this? That’s how I use it. Then just use the white notes as your scale degrees! C=1, D=II, E=III etc in whatever Scale you are in!
We are working on some new features for Melody implementation in future iterations.

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What you described helps me with composing on my keyboard and yes I agree that is a great way to do it but while recording on my guitar I have to do it by site and memory so roman numeral interval displays would be great but color coded roman numeral displays would be even better as a quick visual aid while actually playing in the moment.

Thanks for offering me some feedback too. :+1:

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Here is an example of some sheets I put together for this purpose while playing guitar.

It has become knowing specifically the intervals of the arpeggio notes that become a great tool when writing melodies.

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Seconded… And I want it for Piano/Keyboard. There are a TON of guide regarding effect of interval changes! Memorizing notes would take FOREVER in the beginning, and grinding ALL progress to a stop, because one has to look up where they ARE… Where they WANT to go… and THEN the INTERVALS to get there…

…Just give is the FRIGGIN’ intervals, and nobody gets hurt!!!

Hi @sekrit

thanks for the feedback, this is coming alongside other new features for the fretboard later this year.



I am DESPERATE for it as I am new to music. And if you can push this GREAT tool forward and explain its impact to songcraft for emotional transition in a short video, then I will GLADLY share it among my friends and colleagues who have their own content provision channels (within music, AND others).