It would be useful and at times workflow-enhancing to be able to just type-in or edit by computer keyboard a chord name Band-In-a-Box fashion, then tweak octaves, semitone transpositions, inversion nr, chord duration - all in one editor “panel”.

Something Like this?

We already have this screen unless I am missing something. You can right-click a chord and “Edit” then you can search for a specific chord by name, change the octave, semitone, inversion…

true, I guess unless I missed it im looking for some form of In-place editing like happens in BIAB or iReal Pro etc

that screen just seems too off-putting for me but maybe I just need to get used to it

Another point to make - is if I’m to use the above method the Chord Search feature needs improving.

For example I simply typed Em7 and the search results failed to get the right result. I had to type “E min7” to get the expected result. The algorithm needs to be more forgiving. I’ll raise this in a separate FR for good measure.