Single note in Bassline option

Is there a way to just use 1 bass note per slot in patterns? Meaning, when I choose the bass line option under performance and I just ont one single bass note played for a specific length, is there a way to do so without have the preset bassline variation being played? I would like to just play the root notes of my chord progressions ass bass notes for each bar of for how ever long I choose.

Welcome Cory
Not sure I’m 100% tracking with what you are trying to do, but if I understand it correctly, this is pretty easy.

If you want to create a baseline using single notes w/out a Baseline Performance Pattern playing, you will need Unison chords (single note chords) set to your playback length and no Bassline Perform mode active… There are several ways to set this up but this works for me.

  1. Starting with a Pattern that has the chords you are working with, enable Perform / Bass / Straight
  2. Select all the chords in the pattern (lasso or ctrl click) and drag them outside scaler (do not drop) and then back over scaler and DROP. This will trigger a Scaler MIDI Detect and you will have a new row of notes matching the Bass pattern. (NOTE - This is different than Right Clicking on the Chords and hitting Detect, as this method detects the performance playback mode midi. You could also just hit the red Record button in Scaler and play the notes.)
  3. CTRL click to select the notes you want and then Right Click and select Convert to Unison Chords (right mouse click for other options)
  4. Drag those chords to a new Pattern
  5. In the Pattern Editor, edit the Playback Timing / Duration Setting to your desired duration. These are pretty course, so you might end up just dragging those chords to a midi track and adjusting timing accordingly.
  6. Disable Perform mode of if you have multiple patterns with some using playback, you can set Playback Performances to LEGATO for your bass notes

BTW, it takes way longer to read the instructions than it does to create the bassline.

Not sure if this is what you are trying to do, but hope this helps.


I appreciate your help, but I guess I forgot to mention that I am using the app version of Scaler 2 on my iPad Pro. I am going to see if I can apply your instructions to this version. I’ll let you know, but thanks in advance/anyway.

Good luck and keep us posted