Slow Blues bass

Hi everyone,
I am working on a few slow blues backing tracks. Does anyone know of a good bass preset on Scaler for that? it seems all the bass are EDM oriented, too “complicated” for a simple blues. A found maybe one in the 2.4 basic section but not more. Maybe I am missing something so I would be happy to learn if one of you found some good blues bass preset or a way to do it with little midi manipulation.
Most of my blues tracks are 12/8, so I already do the 6 beats per chords which helps.
Thank you!

You might take a look at some of the Jazz Bass ones. I’ve used those for things definitely not jazz.

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I speak from experience: any preset, Metal included :joy:, can be used for anything

The difference is made by your ability to syncopate, quantize, change speeds, and use your bare hands on a keyboard, i.e. the “anima” you infuse into it

Feel free to search for my series, “Scaler is good at” thinking that I never used a matching preset!
For example, for the Flamenco I used a hip-hop preset

P.S. I read now that you meant the bass…
well, I don’t know if there is so much difference
If there is difference, consider my tip for the other instruments, if you like :grinning:

Thanks! will try those!

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not sure exactly what you are referring to. I am talking about the bass lines in 2.4, not playing manually on the keyboard. Thank you though.

I don’t mean playing manually on the keyboard
I mean that you can use any Scaler preset to compose any musical styles, because the difference comes from other Scaler options you choose to use: e.g. performances, quantifications, humanizations or even bindings, but even your bare hands that click chords on scales make a difference