Some inspiration to play with 2.4


I don’t share music here often but just discovered this concert yesterday and it’s pretty much been playing on repeat since.

I know a lot of you use Scaler to drive orchestral libraries so if any of you need some inspiration on how to use the new ostinatos in 2.4, I found this really cool:

Feel free to share what inspires you as well :relaxed:


Awesome! Thanks for posting this! Very inspirational!

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Very cool and inspirational! And perfect timing as I am exploring somewhat similar ideas right now! :grinning:

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What an amazing piece…merci!

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Wonderfully eclectic and incredibly talented. Nice find Ed :blue_heart: Great to come down to after a massive software launch!!!
EDIT that deserved a much bigger applause than a bravo and a Merci at the end! Nills Frahm V Nightmare on Wax V Les Double Six. Really enjoyed that.


Funny you added that @davide, I was thinking that perhaps Chapelier could do a collab w/ Nils & Olafur :slight_smile: