Some Thoughts On Developing The Suggest Functionality

I was wondering if it is possible to develop the SUGGEST functionality on the Main page which can be used to suggest chords to fill a pattern.

As I understand it, at present, the user can ask for use the SUGGEST function to fill an 8 chord pattern from the first empty block. It would be interesting, I think to develop the following functionality:

  1. fill pattern to a perfect or plagal cadence (it doesn’t always do this at present but if a user could select it as an option?). This may help users learn about cadences completing a phrase.
  2. fill a pattern for a given number of blocks. For example if the user has stared a pattern with two blocks then the suggest function can be expected to fill the pattern for (say) the next four blocks. I know there is a workaround for this but if you could combine this with the suggestion above I think it would make this a very powerful feature.

I think these options may inspire some creativity.

Just some thoughts for discussion.

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