Sometimes chords overlap. Have you ever met them?

Sometimes chords overlap. Have you ever met them?
Like the Cmaj chord
But in fact, there may be two 1, 3, 5
1 overlapped
I show up occasionally
So I export MIDI and will check it

Yes, all the time. They are my life line, as I cling on to notes from previous chords to transition to the next one in guaranteed harmony. I forgot the word for this, but I think it is a tangible concept in music theory.

Voice leading if I’m not mistaken.

what do you mean? I don’t understand.

I don’t understand your mean :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you can show a screenshot of the scenario you were thinking of when you described your observation? Maybe we understood you wrong…everything is possible :slight_smile:

Bernd mentioned this in his comment. I answered that I believe it’s called voice leading.
The term “voice leading” refers to the way in which individual voices move from chord to chord . The best voice leading occurs when all individual voices move smoothly. You can achieve this by moving between chords using the same note or moving up or down by a step in the inner voices of the chord, whenever possible.

Maybe you are referring to something else?

hello, i’m not english spoken but I try
if you go from C to F for exemple, C E G for C Maj and F A C in F Maj, the rule in tonal harmony is keep the common note, the C for the exemple stay C… when 2 notes are in common, ex: C to Am, it is the same principle, more easy
IF there is no common note: in that case, if the bass note go to C to D, it goes up, then take care to move down the other voices and vice versa, if the bass note (fondamental) goes “down”, then the right hand goes “up”
as singers in a choirs normally sings, with less movements they can to make good harmonies
if I am not in the good thread let me know

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