Song and Artists catalogue chord progression start?

I found that Scaler’s chord progressions in Song and Artists almost all start at level I. For example, C major starts with Cmaj. A minor starts with Am.
But a lot of songs probably started at Level ii.
Like some KPOP. Dm-G-C-F
It’s actually iim-V-I-IV in C major

There are also many songs that start at level IV, like F-G-C-Am
It’s actually IV-V-I-vim in C major

But I don’t see this very common in KPOP.
Was I missing something, or was it just not provided.

You do realize that you can rearrange those progressions in whatever order sounds good, right? There is absolutely nothing stopping you from starting on iim or IV or even an out of scale chord which several of them do. If you watch Davide’s videos when he is constructing a song, he will call up a progression out of artist or songs and play through the chords and then grab the chords he likes in the order he wants them in. Dive in with both ears, my friend and enjoy making music YOUR way.

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Totally agree with

Whilst I find the theory interesting, I am not a great composer or musician (that is probably why I like the theory) but IMHO music is about what sounds good to you.

You mean you can start anywhere?
I always thought the cue was for me to start first on the left.
Like KPOP in SONG. I thought if I went in and clicked left to right, it would make me feel like KPOP music. But I found that’s not the case.
Because a lot of Kpops start with iim or IV.

Follow your tips and start anywhere. So, how can I learn this knowledge? As SCALER is there some tips to help. Tell me what kind of music and where to try to start.

You already know what you want. You just told me -

Right there - that’s where you start. It sounds like you know what it sounds like, right?

So try starting with the iim or IV. Play the other chords after where you think they should go. Your ear will tell you. Look up the chord progression of your favorite Kpop song and go from there. I will say that a lot of the sound of Kpop, and I know because my girl friend listens to a lot of Black Pink and others, is in that great production they have. Their pop sounds like no other because of that crazy production. Ir’s great!

Then I like BLACK PINK just as much as your girlfriend. hahaha

So that’s it. I always thought that the chord progression that SCALER provided meant that you used it from left to right.

So, where do I go to get the knowledge of what songs start and where.

Let’s take K-POP 1 as an example.
Look at the chord progression in the A zone. It almost always starts with I.
Do you want me to try to start with ii, based on Zone A or Zone B?

I mean in Zone A, a lot of songs start with I.

Hey @swingmix Scaler has to choose a scale when you select a chord progression, in your example above Scaler will often prioritise the first chord when deciding which scale the chord progression is. But if you choose F# Minor or A Major (which it is also likely to be in) then the first chord is IV or II. Hope that makes sense.

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I’ve got it.
A major =F# minor =B Dorian mode


And there are the iim and IV chords like Davide said —