Songs & Artists Chord Progressions - List Based on Key

Hi, I wasn’t sure if this was already a feature or there was some way to go about doing this:

I enjoy using Scaler to browse Chord Progressions in the “Songs” and “Artists” categories, as it gives me ideas, especially as I expand my chord sets. However, sometimes I’m working with audio or vocals where I’ve identified the scale / key of what I want to create an instrumental or beat around.

If I have a scale/key in mind, is there currently a way to filter out/show a list of all the “Song” or “Artist” or my own “User” chord sets/progressions I’ve accumulated that are in that scale/key? So that I can experiment with different inspiring chord progressions from my collection of artists/genres/user sets against the current vocals/melody in my project? I feel like that would be lots of fun - if that’s not a current feature, I’d love to request that!

Hi @ajl You can force any chord progression you browse into scale:

Hope that helps?



Yes, it does! Thanks for that tip, I’m glad to know I can just use that.

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Damn it Pluginboutique. It seems there’s a lot of things I am still to discover about this amazing plugin!! :partying_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::star_struck:

Wow. I also had a similar challenge but I didn’t know it was that simple!! :scream::flushed::blush: