Sonokinetic SottoX and Davide Carbone

Scaler’s own Davide Carbone had a little hand in Sonokinetics Sotto X library. I have the original Sotto and may add this as a companion. Cool idea! On sale now at 12 Days of Christmas 2021 - Sonokinetic - Sample libraries and Virtual Instruments

With so many enthusiastic users of our libraries, it was inevitable that at some point one of our dedicated supporters would envision an inspiring idea for our next venture. So it is with Sotto X, an analog synth remix of our original Sotto library, suggested by Davide Carbone. We jumped on his exciting concept to re-tool our orchestral classics with lush synth phrases, and ran with the idea, which has grown into a full library in its own right.

Just like Davide, we share a love for the sound of old synths, and vintage hardware has long been a fascination for the team here at Sonokinetic. As fledgling music producers, long before we could afford high-end orchestral recording, we would craft intricate facsimiles of orchestral sections using nothing more than MIDI programming and synthesizers.

With Sotto X we bring this journey full circle, adding an extra dimension to our favorite orchestral phrase libraries. Sotto X is a fully analog, synthesized version of our popular Sotto collection. Very playable in its own right, and also designed to complement the existing Sotto orchestral phrases. The sounds within have been expertly created and recorded using an analog signal path, for both the synth tones and post-production effects.

Our collaborators for Sotto X are the sound design wizards at Samplify in Australia. These masters of retro gear took the original orchestral scores for Sotto and transformed them into lush arpeggios and melodic pads. Using a huge collection of vintage synths (including classic models from Roland, Korg, Moog and Oberheim) the Samplify team used their expertise to extract maximum warmth and emotion from the hardware. This results in a collection of synth performances like no other; inspired by the orchestra but versatile enough for multi-genre scoring. Taking things a step further, the signal path was then enhanced using a bountiful collection of analog processing; including reverb, delay and compression units.


Check out the Sonokinetic Vivace Legacy Library, its free!

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Yep, that’s a good one as well. They have several free ones this time of year. The EMP Electro Mechanical Piano, Sleigh bells and no doubt a couple more before the 12 Days of Christmas is up.

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I’ve always loved Sotto (and Sonokinetic!) and use it all the time, over the past several months we have been twiddling knobs on our synths and painstakingly recording analog versions of the original Sotto orchestral phrases whilst being faithful to their original articulations. Best thing I can say is that it sounds just like Sotto - except all analogue! You can see me using it with Scaler in this vid: