Sound Design with Scaler and DaVinci Resole

This is to move a discussion started HERE by @tocan

Going back to your workflow @tocan I can’t picture how it would work since Resolve and Scaler wouldn’t sync. You can’t start Resolve and have Unify start in the correct spot unless you’ve discovered a way. Can you record Unify on a Resolve track? As audio only of course.

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Thanks for the move. I will do in next days a basic video as discussion point. There are several ways. Once you can run a seperate DAW like FLStudio as VST inside DaVinci Resolve. You are in Mac or Windows?

The other is MPC Beats. FL you can run as free Version and same also Unify. Output is every time WAV Files inside DaVinci. So yours things must be prepared. This is the first step.

Alternativ prepare the things inside Unify. I speak for Film Scenes where not 3 or 4 Minutes necessary to play the Keyboard… You Go Close to Scene and dialogue. So more to set the emotional accents.

You can contact me in Facebook Messenger. That is more easy to handle. Just approx the time and my husband speak a little english.
Search in Facebook just my name.

I give a basic understanding how you can integrate Unify and Scaler.

Its just for understanding how to work inside DaVinci Resolve. Shure its important that the output is Wave in Davinci Resolve. This works not with the demo.

I’m very familiar with Unify. Great software. I have the demo and will be buying the full version when I get some money.

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