Sound Select Button Missing?

Hi all

I’m trialling Scaler 2 and so far ( since yesterday only ! ) have really liked it. However, I’m a bit baffled.

I’m using it with Logic and I need to load an instrument in Logic to get any sound. I don’t have a “sound select” button showing in scaler and instead have a “MIDI FX” button. If I click it I get a tab saying “MIDIFX: no sound output” I can’t access any Scaler sounds and so when I record it needs to be on Logic and I cant transfer chords to any instrument changes I make. So if I record a chord sequence using scaler in Logic eg a piano plug by binding so scaler makes the chords from my one note, if I then try to make that into eg strings I only get the one note I played on my MIDI controller to make the chord.

Im sure this is a simple setting so if you could help me it would be great.



It might be that you’re using wrong component (AU Plugin). Scaler comes with 3 - Scaler, ScalerAudio & ScalerControl. It is described in Scaler manual p. 5. ScalerControl does not have internal sounds and it might be the problem you are facing.

You have the MIDI Fx Scaler Control loaded. This has no internal sounds and is used because the normal Scaler2 won’t route MIDI out. Not due to Scaler but because the AU spec does not allow for it.
So this is what Logic needs to have Scaler route to external instruments.


Thanks guys. So where does that leave me?

Does it mean I need to buy another version of Scaler for Logic or does it mean I have the only version I can use loaded already as it works with Logic and that I will never be able to play internal sounds?

if I need to buy another version I am hoping the manufacturer will be able to transfer the licence for me.

Either way is there a way around the inability to switch patches in Logic while keeping the scaler chords in full. Is there a way to record MIDI and drag chord progressions or is it limited when using with Logic and I can never use MIDI capture etc? This would be quite a blow if so.

I realise I might not fully understand the issue here so please excuse my ignorance and thank you for any help you can give me.

Absolutely not! You have all you need to enjoy Scaler in its full glory :slight_smile:

Nope - you’ll be able to enjoy all funcionalities. You just have some learning to do. Patience :wink:

Here is a video that will explain you how to setup Scaler as instrument (to enjoy internal sounds) and to set it up as MIDI Effect (which you did already). As @jamieh explained this split (Instrument vs Effect) is due to AU plugin format limitations so don’t complain - accept it :wink:
If you want play along using Scaler, explore ideas etc go for first setup.
If you want drive another instrument, go for second setup.
If you want both, well, set up 2 tracks - one with Scaler as Instrument and other with Scaler as MIDI FX.
Save as template :wink:

Yesss. Check out this video as: a/ Logic is used there, b/ MIDI recording is used there c/ you’ll learn some basic stuff that you need to learn :wink:

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Thank you so much for this detailed information. Good news and what I needed to get going. I appreciate your help.

As you so I have a bit of learning to do before I get the benefits so I will investigate these tonight.

Thanks again this is really helpful :grinning:

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