Soundpaint is a dope, with some caveat

I just bought the 2 female voices and they are amazingly crazy!

Now, I don’t remember the Scaler forumian that suggested me this company the 1st time, but I am still unsure if praising him or slapping (virtually) his face :rofl:

BTW, I just chatted with the support and complained that Sounpaint has a big defect
They asked, “what kind of defect”?
I replied, “it’s too good! I cannot resist buying more instruments, LOL”

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You have a bad case of GAS ! Get some

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Got them

And, I hope you will not fall into the same trap pal

I almost did, but guitars are not that good. I bought SG, but did not want spend 15$ for Les Paul after this. My NI is much better - sound and patterns.
But sax… OMG, that’s heavy :slight_smile:

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Yes, after a week of deep use I agree :crazy_face:

The problem is that they need a lot of practice if you are not good at keyboards, and I am not

And, the Soundpaint guitars are certainly good for solos, but AAS Strum-GS one are good as well, and they are easier, way easier to play, so I just asked for a refund

The Soundpaint pianos instead are very good, and I’m using EZkeys to drive the Sounpaint piano, or the other way where the Soundpaint piano drives my AAS electric pianos: it’s a cool crossbreeding

About the voices, they are amazing, but I cannot understand if they change in pitch according to the keyboard keys… :thinking:

if not, I’ll ask for another refund because I cannot use them if they don’t sing “in tune” with any song I may create, and building the song around a fixed-pitch voice is too boring… :cold_face:

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I think I should as for refund for SG and maybe for bass although the latter is not that bad, but not exceptional. Or try to replace SG by LP. Sax is great though.
Is it complicated to ask for refund?

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It’s easy: just email the support within 14 gg from downloading

The moral of the story is:

  1. all woodwinds are excellent and can be used by newcomers, also
  2. the voices are amazing, but of little use for me because many (the most interesting ones BTW) have a fix pitch, i.e. they don’t change intonation at each key pressed
  3. Pianos (and other keyboards maybe) are excellent and can be used by newcomers also, possibly with A Little Help from Scaler

Last but not least, the Soundpaint engine is very reliable, fast and not resource-hungry as sample-based plugins are usually, so the system is successful, and certainly promising, notably the future woodwinds, keyboards, and also the world instruments if they will be easy to play

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