Soundpaint voices - Terrie

Hi Pals

the routing is trivial

I used one Scaler to drive an electric piano and Broomstick bass/drums

Then I used Bitwig’s Harmonize to play the Soundpaint guitar, driving in turn the voice (and changing the latter vocals with the Mod wheel), but I wasn’t satisfied, so I used Scaler Keys-Lock

Even then, I wasn’t satisfied because the solo covered the sing too much, so I deleted the guitar solo track and I kept the voice track only

I eventually added a suitable Strum-GS 2 bluesy syncopated rhythm driven by Scaler again, but using a different pattern

And here is the resulting tune, Ai Se Go

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The lyrics were great. :grin:

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LOL, a whole day polishing each single word, but it was well worthy :rofl:

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