Sour Notes While Binding to MIDI

Hi there,

I’m having an unusual problem and I don’t see it anywhere in the forum. I love Scaler 2 but when I blind my chords to MIDI, Scaler 2 plays the actual note along with the chord. Say I have an Eb minor scale selected and all the chords within it and I blind it to MIDI. The C should play the Eb minor chord but it plays the actual note C along with the chord.

Same with all the other bound chords having the actual note played along with the chord. You can imagine it makes for some sour chords!

It does not happen if I press the C on the Scaler 2 interface with my mouse… the chords sound fine. Only when I bind chords to midi and try to play them does it give the actual notes along with the chords. I’ve tried 3 different MIDI controllers so I’m wondering what to do. Please help!

Need more information - Computer/OS/DAW/Controller keyboard, etc.

Sounds like some funky routing in the DAW. Can you screenshot your setup, how you route MIDI between DAW and Scaler track?

Are you using a Midi Keyboard? Turn ‘Local Off’ on in your midi settings or kill your midi loop if you are sending and receiving Midi via usb at the same time (stop midi out).