Spanning too many octives

Hi, i am new to scaller. I am just wondering if anyone has some suggestions. when ever i try to create rhythms using expressions they seem to span over two octaves. when i place the midi in different vst instruments sometimes parts of them get cut off becasue of the range of the instruments

my question is can anyone recommend what settings i can use in Scaler so that the midi notes don’t span such a big range and get cut off. i guess what i’m asking is how can i keep things closer together.


You can go into ChordEdit and move any note to the range you want. I have to do this for the same reasons. In your pattern choose the chord to edit, right click to edit chord. It will show the notes in blue on the keyboard. Click on the note you need to change to turn it off then click on the one you want to change it to then click apply. Alternately you can choose Voice Grouping at the top bar and select a Group range from 1 of 3 there that limits the note range. Hope that helps.

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. If you go back and forth to note edit you lose the thread of your groove (Try dynamic lock in the top section, seems to hold grouping -voicing to a certain area.)