Spitfire Pianobook

It seems interesting…

If you have a piano and love collecting samples and writing stories, check this

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Lots of good instruments there. And they are free. Most are for Kontakt and EXS24 (for Logic). But most samples are unlocked so you could put them in and Ableton Sampler or BitWig sampler.

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The free Decent Sampler format is excellent.

I pulled down Spitfire today. Downloaded 3 patches, only one works for me. DL’ed and reinstalled at least 5 times. No dice. May try again tomorrow, but not lovin’ this thing.

What did you download? What format? I have about a dozen nice instruments with no problems. What are you installing? Most are Kontakt libraries that require no install. Just unzip and load.

Synth Strings, Strings 2 and Texture Pads…only the Texture Pads work. The other two can’t find the samples…or something. Spitfire LAB, 64b.

Did you point Kontakt to the folder that has the samples? This happens occasionally depending on how the instrument was saved or the version of Kontakt. Once you point the Kontakt to the samples Assuming they are in the folder you downloaded) then save the nki file and all will be good. I have almost all the Lab instruments although I’m surprised they are on Pianobook and not Spitfire site.

If it is the Labs you have then that is a different instrument that is it’s own thing. If you installed all 3 they all show up in the same instrument. Are you Windows or Mac?
You should see this when you open Labs…

Windows. Yep, that’s what comes up. But it keeps looking in the TexturalPads folder for the string samples, and they’re not there. And I did a search through Explorer, and it doesn’t appear that they’re anywhere.

I’ve followed the Let’s Fix It link several times, it keeps dl’ing the two soundsets but they never seem to show up. (Gotta be pilot error, I’m sure…)

Here is how the structure looks on my machine…

But Windows would be different.
This link leads to a Windows hidden files trouble shoot…

And they usually are very helpful getting you set up if you put in a support ticket.

Thx Jamie - similar…

But as you can see, no samples for Synth strings or Strings 2. I DO have preset files for both…but no samples.

Are your sample files formatted as samplename.spitfire ?

Yes, same suffix. Did you set the path in the Spitfire download app?

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 2.03.38 PM

Well, I thought I did. I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

So how are your samples stored - in a single common SAMPLES folder, or title specific?

I have a preset and patches folder for the two missing titles, but no samples anywhere. I don’t even have a folder for those two titles in the Samples folder.

The samples are instrument specific. Each has a sample folder in it. Basically self contained per instrument.

Thanks a bunch for trying to help, Jamie…but I’ve burned too many brain cells on this. And there are plenty of other freebie (and paid) options out there. Time to move on. :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t help. Good luck and have fun.

Maybe the problem is that you don’t start your DAW as an administrator. Generally, your DAW won’t scan for new plugins if you don’t start it as an administrator. Try to login as admin
Decent Sampler (as a plugin and as an application) is independent and is in the folder where you have assigned your installation and sample location for Decent (both as a plugin and as an application). Sine Player is the Orchestral Tools VSTi (when searching for the plugin in your DAW, type Sine Player or Orchestral Tools). Labs in the plugin list usually appears in the Spitfire folder (it depends on the DAW you use). An example is the BBC Symphony Orchestra, or the Spitfire Originals Sounds (which also use the LABS plugin).
Sometimes it is a bit confusing, because there are also in many of the Orchestral Tools, Spitfire and Decent libraries, the versions for Kontakt. In the end, it’s just a matter of having the samples arranged in folders that you can easily locate when you need to use the sounds.