Splitting scaler 2 gui instruments

Didn’t know how to explain this but, can you have scaler 2 playing one instrument on the right side as chords and then a melody on the right but a different instrument. So say, when binding a chord progression and playing a piano chords and at the same time playing a melody of say a violin. Sorry if I did a bad job explaining. I can try to clarify if anyone responds.

You can have a scaler play the chords. Then make a copy (duplicate) of that Scaler, and in the copy bring the Bind one or two octaves lower. and assign another instrument

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Fantastic, thanks :grinning:

and there is another way I just found these days, that lets you have Scaler doing an automatic accompaniment, and you playing solos with your bare hands

It only works with that routing, but it works way better than using Keys Lock green keys IMHO

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Thanks. What am trying to do is have a full ensemble chord progression going with my left hand and create a violin melody with my right hand. It worked fantastic with a piano as I was able just to play the chord progression while trying to create a melody with my right hand (set to all white keys which saved my bacon)
I am amazed at how powerful this software is and it’s starting to help me create my musical visions with very little theory, which I dont have but I am working on learning it.

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Yes, this tool is amazing in its capacity to let unable musicians like me to output some decent music here and there

I consider myself more a proof of concept maker anyway

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I agree, it’s all about compositional intent and that’s where it excels.