Stability of Scaler poor with Logic and using Vhost

Is the new Version more stabile? I did use all time an older Version from my husband and it die regular Crash my DAW. Is the Stabilität improved?

DAW Davinci Resolve, Logic Very rare.
Setup normal with Unify as VST Host.

I bought today but can not use it because the Plugin Boutique service did not answer and i got no serial number. I hope that they Stop to sleep early in the morning. In UK service runs different.

You DO NOT get a Serial Number!

You get a “LICENSE” file and it’s in your PB account to download.

Got it now with delay. More stabile and no crash in Logic. Just a short Test.

Did someone try to get Musescore or MusicXML in scaler. Special VSL Libary will be very Handy and expressive.

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@LightWingStudios thanks for Yours Like. AS you See i follow and do my research regular when i get a like. Seems wehave a Lot of Common.
4 years ago i got my first sewing maschine. In fact i did visit yours Homepage and saw yours production for Maske. Thumbs Up.:+1::romania: Language is romanian.

For me its hard do not speak english. I go for Sounddesign only. For playing an instrument propper i am to old. So i start to read about Orchestration.

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Walter Piston is great for both orchestration and learning harmony.
I left a link too. It is Samuel Adler’s Treatise on Orchestration. It is translated into Spanish. It may be easier for you to read than in English

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I do not understand Spanisch sorry. And i am old fashion es. 42 years old.

I am from a Generation that still Like Papier and books. The Taste and smelth for inspiration IS important for me.

I bought the Piston book.

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@tocan Happy you are up and running…we have a great community here.! :slight_smile: About the masks…my wife Lyuba made them. When pandemic hit in our town here in Florida no one had any. We had alot of extra material from making our Instrument Protection products. So she contacted an organization here and found many ladies who can sew. We made “Kits” with all the pieces to make them. She gave them the “Kits” to sew and in less than one month she had over 1,000 Masks made. We gave them away free to local hospitals, clinics and nursing homes for older people. :slight_smile: By the way…you are NOT too old to learn Orchestration. I am 68 and just learning!!! I play guitar and have a Studio in my house that I just finished putting together. I want to learn piano so I bought Scaler and it is very helpful. Thank you for the PDF file!!! Here is my Studio…last picture is Arturia KeyLab 88 Midi Controller I just bought.


Great work and great studio - looks like fun. If the bass from the Mackie 824’s are getting down through the stands to the floor use the Mopads, I use them in my live room for our 824’s and it isolates real well although may be ok on those stands,store:1354292553766452102&prds=oid:9676483789953740183&hl=en&ei=s1G1YN_fC_nbz7sPvLKwuAc&lsft=gclid:Cj0KCQjwktKFBhCkARIsAJeDT0hNebU8S7HwCG5oSx0KT5z8auFDpdssKl0oRl-Xz5NfA10LtX1E44IaAqAKEALw_wcB

@davide Thanks! I have Mopads under the 824s now…smaller wedge type and they work great. The PC is a Dell T7910 with Dual 10 Core processors and 128GB RAM which I picked up last year for $1,200! I went with 8 SSD Drives, 4 internal and 4 external mainly because East West Composer X Libraries are almost 2TB! I’m using Scaler to route to them as well as some Spitfire & NI Kontact libraries. Last week I swapped out the old Presonus USB interface for a Black Lion Revolution 2x2. Difference is amazing. I’ve been experimenting with some success using my LP Special with a Wireless Fishman Triple Play as a Midi Controller with Scaler…very cool but EXECUTION has to be spot on…good thing we have Keyswitches. Pretty amazing to be able to trigger all that stuff from the living room 20 feet away. :slight_smile:

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