Standalone version

Make a stand alone app and allow it to take over your midi keyboard.Use it in your daw without out you doing all the midi routing.How Auto Theory use to work.


Got it and we have some nice plans there. Stay tuned.


If you are looking for a stand-alone version have you tried running it in a stand-alone VST host? I’ve had success with SAVIHost (on PC) - only downside I find is that Scaler 2 helps generate ideas so quickly and efficiently that I find I want to jump into my DAW and start a session sooner, so may as well have fired up the DAW in the first place!


Nanohost works great for me also. But exact same downside. :grin:

Actually, there is one more very serious downside to “standalone” mode. I hate to bring it up, don’t want to disparage the great work which has been done. But in the interest of making a fantastic program even more fantastic… a standalone version would require the ability to insert a VST sound source. Sorry guys, but the piano sounds (soft and felt and grand) just don’t cut it for me. We need to be able to insert a plugin to a standalone which we all likely already have and spent a lot of money on and love (e.g., Pianoteq). Till then working in a DAW which provides routing is almost a necessity.


I hated that audio theory workflow.

I would love if Scaler 2 could host other VST instruments (even in VST mode). That’s actually what I wanted to request but didn’t want to make a separate thread since it’s mentioned here. It streamlines the workflow and would skip the step of having to do the routing in the DAW. I know Captain Chords and ChordPrism have this feature now.


Hi, just purchased Scaler 2, so some learning required. That said, first request would be for standalone (without having to use a third-party shell). From what I have read so far, several of us would like to be able to sketch out ideas without having to run through the DAW. This seems to have been on the roadmap for a while, so wondered when we might expect that functionality?

Dynamic resizing would also be nice please.


There have been lots of posts on this topic.

Nanohost allows you to wrapper a copy of Scaler to give you effectively a ‘stand alone’ version - one click and play; no ‘loading’. It’s the same to all intents and purposes as a stand alone version.

If you want to have multiple Scalers and sync then AFAIK you will need a DAW, so you can only create one ‘track’ at a time - A DAW will be needed at some stage, as Scaler is mono-timbral.

There is a separate point to the one you make, which is the request for scaler to be able to host VSTs to allow other sounds. (It’s worth noting that others have instead asked for the ability to load their own sample audio.)

I use Cantabile (free) just to develop specific lines in Scaler and to choose synth patches, so it addresses both issues. It allows you to wire in your midi controller, as well as being able to have multiple VSTs loaded. I don’t really find that a hassle to load up and it does avoid the overhead (about which I agree with you) of firing up the DAW.

Welcome @Muz Expected 2022.

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OK, thanks for the welcome!


I would love if Scaler 2 could host other VST instruments (even in VST mode). That’s actually what I wanted to request but didn’t want to make a separate thread since it’s mentioned here. It streamlines the workflow and would skip the step of having to do the routing in the DAW. I know Captain Chords and ChordPrism have this feature now.

@davide This is coming in 2022 as well?

There’s quite a lot on the cards for our next major iteration. VST hosting would be great, I certainly would like it if just to be able to see Scaler’s keyboard and the VST all within one window rather than having to swap. Keep the feedback coming but we are going to have to remain relatively low key in terms of sharing what’s in DEV for many of the obvious reasons.


This seems like such a dangerous path for very little reason. Why would you want to push Scaler into being a DAW when there are so many better, richer DAWs for Scaler to work within. Scaler will never be able to compete on that level. I want Scaler to evolve naturally the way it seems to be and not forced along a path it doesn’t belong.
Hosting plugins within Scaler opens up more crash problems down the line.


I’m with Jamie on this. My hope is that you push Scaler where it differentiates, innovates and excels. I have more DAWs than I can count but only one Scaler. Many of us trust Scaler because it is rock solid, so I hope you don’t risk that for a minimal return. (Which I doubt you will)

If you wanted to add some sonic variation, maybe make it easier to build your own sound banks/instruments. You could also build on your community chords model making it easy to record and publish what I might call Scaler tracks or beats, containing all the necessary, chords, timing and settings changes (think synth).

As is always the case in dev…I know we can have it fast, cheap and good but we can only pick 2.

Thanks for all you guys do.


There is a whole world of possibilities between Scaler allowing you to quickly host your favorite sound library and being a DAW.

I don’t think think we’re here to compete. None of the major DAWs so far have helped me as much as discussing with @davide when it comes to how to build a track.

Sometimes you just have to see how people work… my understanding is that we need more modular tools and that’s the only thing I will share. Don’t worry about using Scaler the way you do now. there is no plan to remove that. :wink:

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I think my response is slightly misappropriated in this instance, to clarify. I personally find it eats into creative mindset by having to switch between scaler and a controlled instrument if I am adjusting notes (or looking at triggered notes) whilst trying to make simultaneous adjustments in the external instrument. An option to see scalers keyboard playing the triggered notes whilst seeing the instrument in a modular panel would save me much too’ing and fro’ing time and keep me engrossed in the harmonic creation of a track. It’s my opinion as a user rather than a direction of development.

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New to Scaler and loving it!

Immediately wished for a standalone, would just save time rather than waiting for a DAW to open/scan plug-in folders etc etc. For that reason I wouldn’t want to see it host VST, I think the bundled sounds are fine for sketching ideas (and the felt piano is very nice). Would like a softer pad or string sound (maybe an EQ for the contained instruments might help)

My feedback as a noob would also be to see larger buttons in a few places. There’s room for them. The ‘bind’ buttons to the right are tiny and easily missed at first, plus the current icon is one I associate with ‘infinity loops’ in other plugins.
Also the buttons to switch between guitar and piano keyboard modes could be made bigger. I didn’t see it as a guitar icon at first which threw me off.
I think the tooltip help at the bottom could be made more noticeable (maybe a different colour background so it stands out), …it’s important that it’s immediately noticeable.
I’m not complaining at all because this is a fantastic programme and I watched a few tutorials which helped me appreciate how much there is going on. But I think a few small changes would help new users/demo-ers to get stuck in quickly.

Use the search button at the top to look for postings on Nanohost and Cantabile. Both give you a quick fire up hosting arrangement without the hassle of a DAW.

I use this for trying out ideas. You can always save your work at any time.

Thanks Panda, got Nanohost and was up and running in no time. fantastic!

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Would love a stand alone version. Thanks