Starting point to drive AAS Strum-GS 2

I explained here and there how to feed both chords & riffs to AAS Strum-GS 2, but now I want adding some tips, that can be also suggestions for the devs (@Ed1, @davide and @luapmartin) so they may add more Phrases and odd times… :grinning:

My starting point is always this Ableton Preferred template

The only patterns I found suitable are Phrases, notably the oddest times

Arpeggios and Strumming, Bass and Melodies are useless
Performances are rarely useful
Rhythms can be certainly used, but their output is quite boring, while rhythms and in particular the oddest times, “pluck” more notes so potentially producing more interesting riffs and arpeggios

I usually start choosing a series of chords, that are moved then to Section C, so that I can loop them forever, giving a certain time to each chord: 1 is too short to appreciate possible dissonances; 2 is perfect to me

Then I start from Affabile, and I move semitones (not octaves) up or down using MIDI Polysher until I find a riff that sounds interesting

Quite often, one or two chords in the series don’t play well like the others: in this case I use the Circle of Fifth to find another chord in the same family, and if I have no success, I simply remove that chord

When the whole series produces a playable riff I save the situation, then I try to improve it changing other parameters, as Chord/Scale, Voice Grouping, Humanize again using the oddest times

If nothing interesting jumps out in spite of all, I’ll select the following Phrase and so on

my 2 cents of notes

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