Status bar shows "different" chord than the browser

I find it a bit confusing that sometimes the chord which is shown in the statur bar is different from the chord that I trigger in the browser. I know that a certain set of notes can be interpreted as different chords, but shouldn’t the status bar look at which scale is selected and then adjust the name of the chord accordingly?
It’s not easy for me to understand at first sight that when I play the Eb min9 chord the “Gb maj7 13” chord that I see in the status bar is the same…


Hi @p8guitar

The live detection in the status bar is not exactly the same as it requires to run faster and usually returns the first chord it can match. It works the same with or without a scale selected.

It’s on our todo-list to improve this but it is not a big priority at the moment, we have a plan to address this soon as we also get annoyed by this every now and then.

Thanks for reporting,