Still an issue here: Scaler2 for iPad control out to KORG Grandstage 88

Continuing the discussion from Scaler2 for iPad midi output to Korg piano:

Hi Glenn. Would you mind clarifying how you are connecting your iPad to the KORG Grandstage?

Your first post says you are using a lightning to MIDI in/out adapter. But later you say you are connecting the iPad to the Grandstage’s USB-A connector.

If using a Lightning to MIDI adapter with your iPad, you should connect the MIDI adapter to your Grandstage’s MIDI in and out ports (not USB) using 5-pin MIDI cables. You mentioned a IK multimedia interface. Are you using the iRig MIDI 2? IK Multimedia - iRig MIDI 2

The only way I can think you could be connecting to your Grandstage’s USB port is by using a MIDI to USB adapter. If so, you should not use this as well as your Lightning to MIDI adapter.

Also, I believe the Grandstage’s USB-A connector is only for connecting USB storage devices like thumb drives. MIDI transmission is handled by the USB-B port. You may for example be able to connect this directly to the iPad via an Apple Lightning to USB adapter, then a regular USB A to B cable. In this case you may not need to connect a MIDI adapter to your iPad.