Still stuck notes in Sclaer 2.5.0

I reported it months ago (previous Versions) and it is still an issue:

Stuck Notes in latest Version 2.5.0 (MIDI Panic)

Studio One 4, Win 10 (Issue exists with Windows Audio and also Asio4All)

Kins Regards

Hey Robert

I use very fast playback often in Scaler and had a long run with stuck notes. FWIW, and while I can’t point to a specific feature change, after updating to S One 5. and tweaking, Block Size, Drop Out Protection and Native Low Latency Monitoring, I’ve pretty much eliminated stuck notes while using my Native Instruments M32, Arturia KeyLab MKII 61 and PreSonus Atom.

On machines where I don’t have dedicated Audio Interface, I switched to ASIO4all and moved away from the default MS drivers. FWIW, Running Scaler almost daily on 3 machines with a range of hardware specs and midi devices, I’m convinced hardware latency is at the core of the problem.

Best of luck

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