Strange Bitwig fader behaviour

Hi bitwigians

There is a reason why one nanosecond that I’ve used the pencil to make a fade the slope that ended to zero jumps up, killing my fade?

I’ll need to check when I’m back at my computer. It may be a preferences thing.

thank you very much Jamie :pray:

Just lasso that last point and delete it then all will be good.

Also if you hover the cursor over the middle of the fade line and press ALT you should see the cursor change to up/down arrows and include a curve line. Continue to hold ALT and Click and drag up or down. You can get a custom curved fade out. Very cool for some sounds. Divertiti!

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it is good but only apparently, in my case at least: just go on another track, then come back, and the Upper deleted point is there again argh

the other tips works instead

I’ll have to check that. In any event just make sure the fade extends well past the end and it should work.

Well, I think that MIDI fading is not fine in Bitwig

the manual and all videos I saw speak about Audio fading, and indeed it works like a charm with audio files, entering values or just moving 2 handles
so I just need a further step compared to Live

Not sure you are doing this right. And I think I lead you astray because I did it in the Edit View. My mistake. Try in the Arrange view.
On the track you want to add automation Click on the striped square button and it will turn orange. You choose your automation item there - in this case Volume of the track. You can pull down on the bottom of the volume lane to expand it. Shouldn’t be too much different than Live.