Strange bug with ableton computer keyboard mode

When typing midi note (to trigger chords) from the computer keyboard using ableton keyboard mode, I have a very strange bug.

Randomly, or for exemple at each time I press a note on scaler keyboard (when i want to modify a chord), the keyboard starts to send notes directly to scaler without passing by ableton soft (I can’t see midi being monitored on the ableton track). When it happened, only the first chord is triggered (by C) and the other notes play single notes at +2oct. Very strange.

The situation goes back to normal after a few click around the soft, but it’s really annoying as it kills the workflow and also randomly trigger high pitched note that are very agressive to the ears.

I don’t know if this problem also occur with normal MIDI keyboard, but anyway I think that this plugin should work perfectly with computer keyboard as it’s very usefull to compose without a proper keyboard.

I made a video of the problem here that you can download, making this was time consuming so a hope you’ll take it in consideration :slight_smile:

Here is the link

Let me know if you have any questions !

Nobody else ever had this problem ?

I don’t really use typing keyboard to play but, out of curiosity, I have recreated your issue on my system. The behavior is slightly different but, definitely, there is some oddity in Ableton + Scaler’s Chord Edit Mode + typing keyboard.

The problem seems to be that, when Scaler goes into Chord Edit Mode, Ableton’s octave mapping for typing keyboard gets lost. In your case it was two kb keys ( key a = C was ok, key s = D 2 octaves higher, key d = E 2 ocatves higher). In my case it was all 3 kb keys that were played 2 octaves higher (C4, D4, E4 instead of C2, D2, E2). As you explained, the problem disappears when one of the chords in section C gets mouse clicked.
Additionally, I observed that Ableton’s mapping is lost again after closing Chord Edit Mode. Again, mouse clicking on chord fixes the issue.
Tested it with couple other plugins - mapping doesn’t get lost.