Strummed sequences

I just bought Scaler 2.5 and I’m trying to see what it can do when I dig deep.

I’m Using the Performances/Strummed Sequences/Slow and I find many of these patches are identical. Is there really a difference between Slow12 X2 and Slow13 X2? I can neither hear it nor see it when I look at the midi. Is this normal behaviour?

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I auditioned all the strummed sequences both fast and slow and didn’t notice any exact duplicates. Some are similar to others, but not identical.

I created a Scaler track and assigned a two chord progression with each chord lasting four beats. I don’t think any of the Strummed Sequences are longer than four beats. I looped the pattern in Cubase and switched though the sequences. I changed chords and instruments to see what sounded best. I assigned some other instruments to monitor and playback as well.

You can put the focus on the arrow for the Strum style and then just use the keyboard to switch… it took me a while to get though them all.

I also plan to try different quantize settings on these patterns.

The Strummed sequences are pretty good and can, of course, be edited after recording in MIDI.

Good luck.

OK - set chord length to 4 beats in preferences but I I still can’t hear ANY difference between Slow 12 and Slow 13 at x0.5 x1 or x2.

Can you confirm this. If it is just me than I have a tech problem I need help with.

Thanks your hep is much appreciated

I think, after spending a few minutes on it, that they are very similar. Slight difference at best. Seems not something I’m going to spend any time thinking about though.Maybe there aren’t enough variety in all of the new strums but considering they weren’t there before at all, at least there are new options.
Time to make some music.

I feel the same. Each update of Scaler has provided meaningful, significant improvements. I think it’s good the OP identified what may be a duplicate or perhaps a too close variation. I’ve audio auditioned, but not yet recorded, all the strum patterns. They are certainly not all the same.

OP if you are getting the same pattern regardless of Strum setting I think it may be user error or some hardware/software/controller set-up or system issue.

If more than two instances of Scaler are in use it is possible to have the editor for one opened but to be monitoring another. So, you make a change and “nothing happens.” The problem is you’re changing an instance you’re not monitoring. I have done this.

Hi @DocBob
Welcome to the forum!
Great to hear you are having a deep dive under the hood and we hope you are thoroughly enjoying the experience.
I can confirm that what you have found is indeed a duplicate and we will be looking to rectify this in the next update. We moved around and replaced some content shortly before release and it looks like this one slipped under our radar.

In the meantime I hope you have fun with Scaler 2.5!

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Thanks for the reply. Just so you know, it is not the only duplicate. In addition the X.5 of one patch may be a duplicate of the X1 of another. I don’t have the time to figure them all out… I’m having plenty of fun making music instead.

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