I recently noticed every time I export my beat, the strum feature goes very slow in the exported version but in the DAW (FL Studio 20 on Mac) it strums completely fine. Please HELP as this is extremely annoying. Thanks

Hi @dmcqueen218

Thanks for reporting your issue.
What do you mean by the “exported version”?

At the moment, there is no way to export the strumming in the same way you can drag the chords.
You can try to record the strumming onto another track.

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I mean when I make chords in scaler in FL Studio, then put strumming on it, it sounds perfect in the DAW. BUT, when I bounce out the chords or beat, the strum of each chord sounds long and delayed in the new bounced out track

and by “putting strumming on it” I mean using the strum feature of Scaler

Thanks, I will try to reproduce the issue here.

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Please see Example 1 file. I bounced out one chord that i used the strumming feature in Scaler with and as you can see it is SUPER delayed.

For Example 2 file, i recorded through melodyne and bounced out so you can see how it actually sounds in my DAW and how its suppose to sound. But of course i dont want to record through melodyne all the time because its time consuming and not as efficient. Please let me know how soon you guys can fix this bug! Its really slowing me down, thanks!

Example Link:

Thanks for the additional info, really useful.
There is an update coming in a couple of weeks, we will try to fix this as part of it.

In the meantime, you can try to bounce Scaler’s strumming track to an audio file on its own and then use this audio file in your track (instead of Scaler MIDI track) to bounce your whole track.

I am not suggesting doing this every time, but simply to test if Scaler has the same issue on it’s own. There might be a lot going on in your track, isolating Scaler might help to figure what’s wrong. I am not an Fl Studio expert but there might be a “bounce in place” option that bounces only the selected track.

Okay great. Even when i bounce in place, it still does the same thing

Hi @dmcqueen218

this has been fixed in the 1.6 update.