Strumming tempo control/ Arp note length control needs to be finer

Scaler is the greatest thing.

The only real weakness is all topics around humanisation or midi note processing. They are too simple and restricted in general.

A faster track needs a different tempo than a slower tempo track. And the tempo steps (slow, medium…) are to restrictive. I really would like to have a finer control about the tempo of the strumming. Best would be an option for a step-less control.

The same it true for the arppegiator note length. A a step-less control would be great in addition.

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Hi @clavia

yes, more controls over the content you create is definitely the direction we’re taking.

As you have noticed in your other request, the UI can be quite busy at times, with little space to show all the controls efficiently.

The more we add, the harder it gets but we’re planning a big redesign of the UI to be able to fit more controls, more ways of accessing/reusing and customizing the content, everything that makes Scaler great…

Thanks for your suggestions :wink: