Stuck in an old box

I realised that the only winner of a Grammy 2022 award I’d ever listened to was Dream Theatre (a bunch of middle aged, but supremely competent musicians, if you are not familiar with them).
Does anybody else look at the list and wonder who they all are ?
Had I been prone to such a state, this would have been profoundly depressing. How can I create anything with such limited musical influence ? I should be listening to all this stuff for inspiration.
The problem is I’m stuck in a decades old time warp. I just don’t get moved by many ‘modern’ (or should I say, ‘current’) genres.
Can one do anything with such a limited palette of musical ideas?

well, you have many “genres” to eplore before your (and mine) era :joy:

for example, I recently found both old bands I missed, and new bands (or even one-man-band) found on Soundcloud by accident

for example, I love most stuff by Clint Collins