Stuck keys with no panic button?

love scaler but this is getting ridiculous with the keys getting stuck every couple of minutes when playing chords. Is this an issue thats getting fixed? i’m using ableton 10 on a mac.

There is a MIDI panic at the top of the Scaler screen. Says MIDI. Click that for stuck notes. Your OS? And any other specific details. I use a Mac OS 10.13.6 and Live 10.1.30 and rarely ever have stuck notes

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do you have the latest release of Scaler?
because the last one fixed it… almost always
I say “almost” because sometimes it still happens, but way less than before

I found that the “Humanize tool” was involved in the last but one release, while in the latest release it seems to me that the “Voice grouping tool” sometimes causes stuck notes

i have the latest version and they still get stuck but now i know about the panic button. this is still annoying overall. hopefully this will get fixed eventually. thanks