Studio One 6 not recognizing download of Scalar 2

First post. New to Studio One 6 v6.6.1. Just purchased Scalar 2. V9.
Downloaded Scalar 2 for Windows. Had to go back to make sure the Windows version was downloaded. It appears to have done so since it shows up as an “application” (and not as .pkg as it did before). However, when I try to get Studio One 6.6.1 to try to recognize it, the application does not show up in the folder. (Studio One didn’t recognize the application in the Download folder so I moved it to another folder.) The Scalar file doesn’t show as an .exe but as “application”.

I made sure Studio One was set to scan for VST, quit, rebooted, Scalar 2 was not recognized.

Don’t know what is going wrong. Seems a very difficult process (compared to all my past software music purchases, admittedly quite some time ago).