Studio One Freeze / Crash when Scaler 2 is in Project

In my workflow I use a track with Scaler 2 to analyze my midi notes that I make during a session. I recently created some audio & wanted to export the files to my music folder on my device. The audio should’ve been exported without issue.
Instead Studio One either freezes or crashes and the crash report says it’s a problem with Scaler 2. When I remove Scaler 2 from the track everything works as expected. From what I can tell Scaler 2 is the only vst that causes this problem when not in use.
I am on Mac OS Catalina, a MacBook Pro Retina 15, using Studio One 5.

FWIW. I’m seeing what I believe are similar instability issues on Windows 10 and S1 5. Full on crashes are rare (no crash reports), but long hangs with occasional lock ups are more frequent after the last couple updates.

I’ve not been able to create anything reproducible but I have started a “lock-up log” to help narrow things down. I’ll update here if I find anything interesting.