Stunted notes when using chord performances etc [Logic Pro]

I’m working in Logic Pro and for as long as I can remember using Scaler (which is amazing of course) - it’s had this problem for me:

I have perfect block chords/triads on a track, and then I apply Scaler as a MIDI effect and generate some performance patterns etc. But I am always getting these stunted/stilted notes. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this problem. All that comes up when I search for this issue is erroneous sustains, which is kind of the opposite of my problem.

When I capture the MIDI and drag it to another track, I can see visually the problem I’m hearing before I even capture; which is these super short notes that almost sound like mutes. I’ve checked the available settings and can’t see anything there that could be causing the problem.

Here’s another closer screenshot of a particularly weird event that has 3 tiny notes squashed together:

Hi @Jai_1008

thanks for reporting your issue, we will have a look.

Those notes can come from a combination of factors, it can get worse with a specific combination of tempo/blocksize and some specific performances.

The best workaround, for now, is probably to delete them in Logic, you can create a custom transform to take care of this:

  1. In the Logic title bar, choose Window > Open MIDI Transform (CMD+9).
  2. In the top left, in “Presets” choose “Create New Transform Set”.
  3. In the alert window, click “Create” or “Rename” if you wish to give it a custom name.
  4. Set up the transform as you need, select the duration you wish and make sure you select “Delete selected events” in the “Mode” dropdown.

I hope this helps,

Thanks Ed. I’ll give this a go as a current workaround, but look forward to a proper fix because I get this across all performances. In every project I can remember I’ve had at least some of this issue manifesting.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? Should I back off the notes from the end of the bar/region so that each block chord doesn’t line up perfectly with the succeeding chord or something?

This is also happens in Cabase 11. Was thinking it could be a latency issue, and maybe some amount of track delay could fix this?